This is a list of Associate Partners: clinicians and supervisors who collaborate with us in various stages of the programme, with guest lectures and workshops on special topics, sessions and supervisions

(Partners may be changed according to geographical location)

Svein Fuglestad, Cand. Philol. FAMI, Musicologist, GIM therapist, Assistant Professor at Oslo & Akershus University College of Applied Sciences, Faculty of Social Sciences, Child Welfare program. Svein is a  GIM therapist working with people affected by HIV/AIDS, sexually abused men, and female victims of incest. He is also a Partner in the Norwegian Research Council project ‘Music, Motion, and Emotion’ (Norway)

Dr. Torben Moe, PhD, FAMI, Music Therapist, Psychotherapist, at the Music Therapy Dept. at Region Copenhagen Psychiatry and Private Psychotherapeutic Centre. He is a  Registered Specialist and supervisor in Psychotherapy, a trainer and supervisor in GIM.Torben is the Head of The Danish BMGIM Institute, founder and former president of the Danish Network of BMGIM Therapists (Denmark)

Annie Tyhurst, BMus, FAMI, RMN, Health Professions Council Registered Music Therapist, member and approved clinical supervisor of the British Association for Music Therapy. She is a GIM therapist and EMDR trainee in both child/adolescent and adult work (UK)

Dr. Björn Wrangsjö, MD, PhD, FAMI, Psychiatrist, Associate Professor in Child & Adolescent Psychiatry & Psychotherapy (Karolinska Instituten-Stockholm), Psychoanalyst IPA, GIM therapist, trainer in Body-oriented Psychotherapy and Family therapy. He is the author or 20 books in Psychiatry, Clinical Psychology and Psychotherapy. Bjorn now works in private practive as supervisor and lecturer (Sweden)