Dag Körlin

Dag-3-150x208_2Dag Körlin is a Swedish Psychiatrist, certified Psychotherapist, Supervisor and Primary Trainer of the GIM method, Director of “IMAGEing: European GIM Trainings”. He practices GIM and its adaptations within general psychiatry. He has specialized in adapting GIM for Complex Trauma (PTSD) and other stress-related disorders, and has published many journal articles and book chapters in this field. He has also developed the Breath Grounding and Modulation (“Music Breathing”) method, used as an effective adaptation of GIM to patients with complex trauma, dissociation, and other stress disorders (Music Breathing – Breath Grounding and Modulation of the Bonny Method of Guided Imagery and Music: Theory, Method and Cases”, AMI Journal, 2008). Dag Körlin’s PhD research has been recently published-amongst his other writings- in his book “Music Listening, Imagery and Creativity in Psychiatry: Guided Imagery and Music (GIM) and Creative Arts Therapies (CATs) in Stress Disorders” (Lambert Scientific Publications, 2010). The PhD research described the role of GIM in the Creative Arts Therapies programme “Spectrum”. As well as researching and writing on GIM, he lectures, teaches and is a Consultant in Outpatient Psychiatry.

Evangelia Papanikolaou

MT-evi2-Copy_2Evangelia Papanikolaou is a Greek Music Therapist/ psychotherapist, Supervisor and Primary Trainer of the GIM method, and Director of the organisation “SONORA: Multidisciplinary Organisation for Music Therapy and Research” (www.sonora.gr). She is currently a PhD student at the Doctoral Program in Music Therapy in Aalborg University, Denmark, researching about the potential of GIM with women with cancer.

Evangelia originally trained in the UK (Roehampton University) in Psychodynamic Music Therapy and in GIM by the Danish Institute for GIM. She is an Adjunct Professor in Music Therapy at the Hellenic American University, visiting lecturer at the National University of Athens and the University of Thessaly at the Master’s programme in Counselling. She is Scientific Associate at “Obrela”-Multidisciplinary Society for Psychological Intervention and at the Dept. of Mental Health and Behavioral Sciences (University of Athens, School of Medicine). Evangelia is currently working with GIM with adolescents with eating disorders at the Unit of Adolescent Health (University of Athens) and has also experience within a broad range of adults, adolescents and children with mental health and developmental disorders. Evangelia has published several scientific papers and book chapters and is advisory member of the editorial board of the e-journal Approaches. She is also the founding President of the Hellenic Association of Professional Music Therapists and Country Representative for the European Music Therapy Confederation (EMTC).