(3-day intensive theoretical and experiential seminar)


Introductory Level I is open to anybody interested in the GIM method, without any particular skills required.  However, participants from professional backgrounds other than mental health, (e.g. musicians, educators) who wish to complete the full training program, will be accepted under certain conditions and the admission is upon the discretion of the primary trainers, following evaluation.

Course objectives

General:  This course will introduce students to the Bonny Method of GIM and will satisfy the requirements for the Association for Music and Imagery Level I training.

Instructional:  Theoretical and experiential learning will be woven throughout the four days.  Students will:

  1. Be introduced to the historical influences on GIM
  2. Comprehend  the therapeutic effects of music and imagery in clinical practice
  3. Explore basic models of states of consciousness
  4. Become familiar with basic structure of the music programs of this method
  5. Be introduced to simple relaxation and guiding techniques
  6. Be introduced to clinical applications, adaptations and modifications useable in clinical settings
  7. Experience group and practice sessions in the role of therapist and client
  8. Learn ethical considerations and contra-indications